Reseller News

Resellers receive sales help

Microsoft will begin fortnightly sales readiness courses for its resellers this month.

It also wants to launch a programme for partners to help customers maximise their use of installed Microsoft products.

The sales readiness courses will allow partners to raise their level of knowledge about Microsoft and its products, says director for small and midsized businesses and partners Helen Robinson.

“Partners have the opportunity to learn about anything that is going on with Microsoft. It will raise their level of awareness of what opportunities they can create with better knowledge of our products,” she says.

The courses have been running internally at Microsoft on a weekly basis, and the partner versions will be presented online and in person.

Meanwhile, Robinson says most of Microsoft’s customers do not use the company’s products to their full potential, adding partners have an important role to play in ensuring they do.

“As an organisation we have a responsibility to help drive the success of our customer base. There is nothing worse than knowing companies are not maximising the use of what they have already,” she says.

Partners can help users derive more satisfaction, efficiency and productivity from their existing technology investments, and earn additional services revenue, says Robinson.

“We are putting a programme together to help do both those things,” she says.

The programme matches Microsoft’s desire to be an advocate of New Zealand’s drive for economic growth and productivity, Robinson says.