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Symantec NZ updates partner programme

Symantec New Zealand channel manager Natasha Hook says her company's new channel programme pulls together the best elements of the eight different programmes previously run by Symantec and Veritas, its July 2005 merger partner.

“In the past you would have needed eight logins to access information from all our sites; from now there’s just one portal with one login", she says.

The new programme is being rolled out in four phases over the next year, with the first, and major, phase coming into immediate effect.

Hook says while partners were previously rewarded on the basis of volume, the new programme also recognises specialities and marketing. “This is particularly good for us because we have good niche partners in New Zealand who haven’t managed to get volume in the past”, she says.

Currently Symantec has around 600 partners in New Zealand and around 2,000 resellers. The strategy is for all business to go through the channel, however Hook says there are a few existing Veritas contracts which were sold direct.

The company has also largely retired the Veritas brand — it now only lives on in a few product names. Hook says that inside the company people no longer refer to co-workers as being Symantec or Veritas employees but instead describe them as security or availability.

Full story in Reseller News March 24 edition.