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Midnight launch for Xbox 360 fans

The Dick Smith Electronic Powerhouse in Hamilton was the scene of the biggest launch of a gaming console ever in New Zealand on Thursday, March 23.

Gamers eager to test the new console could try the Xbox in store from 10pm, and the machines went on sale at midnight.

Manager of the Dick Smith Electronic Powerhouse Murray Goldsworthy describes the event as a complete success and says it was well worth opening up shop late at night.

“This was the biggest launch of any gaming console I have seen in my 17 years in the business.”

Goldsworthy says they had a good crowd in and that they had very strong sales.

“It was a successful launch with strong demand in the first day or two of availability from hard-out gamers, but most of them have [an Xbox] by now, and sales are moving into more general consumers,” says a Dick Smith’s spokesperson.