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The Warehouse; where everyone gets an iPod

Amended 11:20am, April 13.

The Warehouse is set to stock two low-end Apple iPod models from next week.

Renaissance, Apple’s New Zealand Distributor, has confirmed it will supply The Warehouse with two models, the 1GB Nano and the 512KB Shuffle. The Nano is expected to sell at $248 and the Shuffle at $116. In both cases, these prices are considerably below Apple’s RRP.

The Warehouse is selling iPod Nanos for less than anyone else in New Zealand. The discount appears to equal almost all of the normal reseller margin on the product.

Parallel Importers, which sources stock from overseas, is currently selling the IGB Nano on special for $247, while the Shuffle is selling at $149.

The Warehouse in Downtown Auckland has confirmed the models will be on sale from next week.

Current retail prices for these models are:

Dick smith: 1GB Nano - $258, 512KB Shuffle - $118

Noel Leeming: 1GB Nano - $269, 512KB Shuffle - $130

Parallel Importers: 1GB Nano - $247, 512KB Shuffle - $149

The Warehouse: 1GB Nano - $246, 512KB Shuffle - $116