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Novell: new Linux will deliver

  • Kate Palmer (Unknown Publication)
  • 20 April, 2006 22:00

Novell president Ron Hovesepian was in the country last week for a whistle-stop tour to explain his company’s strategies to customers.

Top of Hovesepian’s list was introducing Novell’s innovation inside its SuSE platform.

“Most importantly for Novell partners is that we are giving them one basic piece of code they can use for all products,” he says.

Novell has also has unveiled its next-generation enterprise Linux desktop which Hovesepian believes will deliver new revenue streams for partners.

Although he didn’t get to meet with partners on this visit Hovesepian says he is delighted with the relationships Novell’s channel has developed with key customers. These include The University of Auckland, Telecom and Inland Revenue.

“Customers are currently going through a re-evaluation period and that’s a great opportunity for partners to do assessments for customers. When they do that customers can clearly see the cost benefits of using Novell.”

Hovesepian is equally thrilled with Novell’s continued strong growth — 20% pa — in its identity business and is pleased with the increasing adoption rate.