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Grail offers security products to SMEs

Integrity plays a large part when promoting a new product, says Mark Padginton, business development director of Grail Network Security.

Padginton has courted potential partners for the last six months with his two new products, FaceTime and Mirapoint.

Both products focus on security, with email and instant messaging (IM) being the centre of attention. FaceTime, focusing on IM, P2P (peer to peer) and spyware, is already in place with major businesses around the globe. Nine of the top ten US banks currently use the system.

“There has been a lot of interest from the channel in the last few weeks, especially when it comes to FaceTime. There is a slower uptake on Mirapoint, but we are currently in the process of putting structures in place for resellers.”

FaceTime is based in the US, where compliances and regulations are frequently applied to security programs and storage. Padginton says the products can easily be customised to comply with possible new regulations in New Zealand. Grail is aiming at the SME market where trends suggest a frequent uptake of IM and VoIP technology.

“A lot of businesses use programs like MSN or Skype, not knowing what kind of trouble they can put themselves in.”

Mirapoint is already in use by some of the larger organisations in New Zealand like Cisco and RSA Security, as well as having around 800 major customers worldwide.

Padginton says Grail is loyal to its resellers but adds that consumer knowledge about the product plays an important part in the marketing.

“We will not sell directly to the end-user, but we will promote our product to them. Integrity is very important to us, and we will not jeopardise our relationship with resellers.”