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BMC preps Kiwi partners for global launch

Sending Kiwis overseas on training programmes is just one of the preparations BMC is making for a launch of over 50 new products scheduled for this Monday.

The company, with more than 6,000 employees and over 15,000 customers worldwide, has sent more 35 local staff to the US to prepare their partners for the product launch.

BMC country director Dave Dodds says the new products are aimed at establishing a base, so that aligning IT with the business itself should be easier.

“We are a 100% channel company and we are currently investing in our channel partners. We owe it to our partners to be completely open. One of the lessons learnt over the past years is that we need to make our partners part of our organisation.”

Paul Avenant, senior vice president of BMC, says although the New Zealand market is small, the deals happening here are unprecedented anywhere in the world.

“New Zealand competes globally and the current market here is on par with any other place in the world.”

Avenant says BMC is cooperating with its partners to lead them along a common route.

“There is configuration management database [CMDB] hype in the market, and we currently hold a leadership position in CMDB. We are currently training our partners in this to get them revenue ready.”

Jason Andrew, service management solutions director for Asia-Pacific, says partners like to work with one company with a total solution, as opposed to a group of companies.

“We are one organisation they have to deal with, instead of 32. We are the market leaders, and together with our partners we are taking a big step forward.”