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Tandberg gets refresh with new partner

Renaissance Brands’ latest partnership is with tape storage specialist Tandberg Data. The companies have been working together since April 1 this year. Last Monday resellers had a chance to view Tandberg's products.

Ashok Kumar, sales director for Tandberg in New Zealand, says the company is trying to reach dedicated resellers through its partnership with Ingram. He says the company is back in the market and will spend time and effort in making its presence known.

“We decided to join hands with Renaissance to give the market the best possible understanding of what Tandberg can do. Tandberg has been in New Zealand for more than ten years and with Renaissance’s help we are relaunching our branding.”

The managing director of Tandberg Data Asia, Raymond Kang, says the company is looking for a market share of between US$18 and US$20 million.

“We have been here for a while, but we haven’t gotten the right partner mix up until now. Renaissance is the right partner for us and for the New Zealand market.”

Tandberg has previously partnered with Datastor and more recently Ingram Micro.

Mark Dasent, general manager at Renaissance, says there are several reasons Tandberg has approached the company for a partnership.

“Tandberg has not been represented to their full capacity previously, and we look to change that. We have talked to around 30 dealers, and are actively talking to about ten resellers.”

Tandberg’s business development manager for the Australia and New Zealand region, Georg Schlueter, says communication with resellers is the key to success for the company.

“Every day we have to communicate with our resellers. We are confident that Renaissance can do that. Ingram had all the logistics, but we did not feel like we communicated properly with the resellers.”

Paul Johnson, managing director at Renaissance, believes the current move by Tandberg is the right one and Renaissance is backing them up all the way.

“There are a lot of people looking to New Zealand to do business, and this opens up a great opportunity for Tandberg. One of Renaissance’s key drivers will be a training programme for our own channel.”

Johnson says the longevity of the relationship remains crucial for its success.