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NZ safe from Sun job cuts

Sun Microsystems country manager Peter Idoine says at this stage he doesn’t expect any of the global company’s planned job losses of 4,000–5,000 in the next six months will be in New Zealand.

At the end of May, Sun’s US-based board announced these and other cost-cutting measures aimed at consistent profitability. It planned to invest more in channel resources and core technology after a review of the company’s global operations.

Sun New Zealand has been in expansion mode since it re-entered the country in 2003, with 15 staff hired in 2005 and a growth in channel business of over 50% in the two years to the end of 2005. It also opened a new Wellington office at the end of last year.

Idoine says three more staff have been hired since Christmas and the amount of business going through partners has risen about another 15% to 65%.