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HP protects ink revenues

Ink and toner remanufacturing has become an important issue for Hewlett-Packard.

The company's share of the worldwide US$100 billion consumables market has been put at risk by third-party inks and toner.

John Solomon, vice president of supplies for Asia-Pacific, says price perceptions are often the reason consumers and small businesses will choose a remanufactured product.

“Not all inks and toners are made equal and the reasoning behind original products costing more is that they are heavily involved in research and development. We also see a trend in falling prices for original consumables.”

Solomon says there is often a hidden cost with remanufactured consumables and that independent tests have proved an 80% fail rate with remanufactured inks, while original inks only have a fail rate of 2%.

HP is currently working with independent research laboratories to promote a common ISO standard for inks. The standard will be based on page yield and running costs, rather than millilitres of ink per cartridge.