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Toshiba first to market with HD-DVD laptop

Toshiba will be first to market with its new HD-DVD-ready laptop, the Qosmio G30.

The company will launch the laptop as a four-in-one system, with features including an HD-DVD player, stereo audio player, TV and notebook PC.

Mark Whittard, Toshiba ISD general manager for Australia and New Zealand, says the new notebook is a world first and expects the release to have an impact on the Blu-ray HD-DVD war.

"HD-DVD is a technically superior product and we are confident that, unless the two formats can live side by side, HD-DVD will come out on top.”

Whittard also says there is extensive product development happening on the HD-DVD side and expects further development in writable discs and storage capacity later this year.

The Qosmio G30 will feature top-of-the-line specifications and is expected to sell at $6,599.