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Telecom positions Gen-i as one-stop ICT shop

Coinciding with IDC’s Ecosystems report that identified a desire in the market for a single provider of IT and telecommunications, Telecom is planning to target its business customers with ICT solutions from Gen-i.

Chris Quin, general manager at Gen-i, says the move is a response to Telecom's acquisition of Gen-i two years ago.

“Telecom is now moving towards an ICT model and will target business customers under the brand name Gen-i. Gen-i’s history of good revenue and its preference with customers make this a natural choice for us.”

Quin says little will change for existing customers, and says the main target will be business customers rather than the SME market.

“For customers who have yet to experience our Gen-i model, we will be spending time listening to what they want, getting to understand their business and delivering solutions that reflect the best of what they enjoy with Telecom, combined with the best of what Gen-i can offer — individual services or an integrated offering.”