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Spam cure disrupts users

Telecom copped some flak from smaller businesses after it started filtering traffic on port 25 in April.

Several companies were left without email communication after what seems to have been a misunderstanding between partners.

Sean Martin with media relations, corporate affairs Telecom, says a very small number of customers experienced some disruption but technical staff were able to reverse the upgrade.

“Port 25 is an internet port dedicated to sending email but it is also used by spammers to send unwanted emails. New viruses and worms are often spread across the internet via this port.”

Mark Sullivan, a systems administrator with Downer MBL, one of the affected companies, says the fault did not create a major loss in business and that a mix-up seems to have been the cause.

“I think the problem is that we never heard of this upgrade, but that could be down to something as simple as a wrong email address.”

The managing director at Secure MX, Jesse Ball, says some companies were left without email for several hours on the day.

“It was a good initiative from Telecom to reduce spam traffic, but some people were left dead in the water for about 11 hours. We couldn’t really help our customers directly; we could walk them through the troubleshooting and point them in direction of Telecom.”