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Mirapoint gains Bakbone support

Mirapoint gains Bakbone support

Mirapoint and Bakbone have embarked on a joint venture.

Distributed by Grail Network Security, Mirapoint provides appliance-based products for secure message networks, which will now be teamed with Bakbone’s storage offerings.

Craig Willis, business development manager at Tdata and distributor of Bakbone, says there has been a lot of positive feedback from resellers.

“Customers can now get a more complete solution, and these two products are complementary rather than conflicting.”

The business development manager at Grail, Mark Padginton, says the alliance provides a win-win solution for both companies and customers.

“The partnership emerged in the US so I decided to have a look at who did the same thing here. Lucky for me, Craig was looking as well. The first question customers normally ask me surrounds a ‘what if’ scenario, and that’s where Bakbone comes in.”

Padginton says communication is very open between the two companies, with product codes being exchanged.

“Integrity is important to us, we don’t argue about things. It is always up to the customer to make the final decision. Our worst-case scenario is that if one of us loses business, the other can gain from that. With Bakbone as support, we don’t have to worry about what is in the background.”

Willis says the company gets a lot of hits from the internet, where customers tend to make up their own minds about products.

“I will never go and sell direct to anyone, or try and poach other customers. We maintain a 100% channel model, and a lot of business comes our way due to recommendations from an end-user level.”