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Attachmate programme to reflect booming business

Attachmate programme to reflect booming business

Drastic changes to its business will see Attachmate introduce a new partner programme across the Asia-Pacific region in September.

A merger and two acquisitions since the end of 2004 mean the combined company’s products now span host connectivity, systems and security management and PC lifecycle management.

“To say the business has changed dramatically is probably an understatement. Our markets and our end-users have changed and we can now offer the full range of PC lifecycle management, security products and all the others,” says Asia-Pacific channel manager Graham Hawkins.

“The new programme is about putting in place the best possible partners for the new product portfolio. The key message is we are about to bring a raft of new value to the channel.”

The US investment group which bought terminal emulation software firm WRQ also completed its acquisition of Attachmate in June last year, and this year it has acquired NetIQ and OnDemand software.

NetIQ specialises in performance and availability management, security management, configuration and vulnerability management, while OnDemand develops software and distribution offerings including the WinInstall range.

Although NetIQ is run as a separate business unit here, Hawkins says it is being integrated into Attachmate in Europe, Africa and the Middle East with a view to a similar model globally if the move is successful.

He says the new channel programme, which is yet to be named, will serve the whole company and replace existing partner schemes run by Attachmate and WRQ.

“We’ll put in place a programme specific to the New Zealand market, and look at some partner rewards and loyalty initiatives that will keep them motivated.”

Hawkins has recently been joined by a new ANZ channel manager, Diana Bicanin, and says the pair plans to visit New Zealand closer to Christmas to talk to existing channel partners such as Techtonics.

Attachmate has also previously worked with Gen-i and Axon resells a small amount of the WRQ Reflection terminal emulation suite.

Hawkins says he and Bicanin will also talk to potential new resellers.

“We need to find the ones who can add value to each of those product segments, for example we’ve got some great new security products, and some specialise in that. Likewise with system integrators.”

Hawkins says Attachmate has had hundreds of New Zealand customers and has successfully sold into government departments and the airline and banking industries.