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Seventeen inches still satisfies

Seventeen inches still satisfies

Despite growth in the market for larger LCD screen sizes, IDC says the 17-inch screen is still in demand with consumers and the corporate market.

Senior analyst Liam Gunson says there is a general shift towards larger screens, especially on standalone models, but the 17-inch is still a big seller.

“The 17-inch screens still have a strong dominance, with around 60% of the monitor market share. Despite the small price difference between the 17- and 19-inch, it is still one of the more popular ones in the commercial space.”

Gunson says LCD screens traditionally last longer than CRT screens, which may help extend the lifecycle of hardware.

“The market is still pretty new though, and people are jumping up screen sizes all the time.”

Jonathan Williams, Viewsonic product manager at Christchurch-based Dove Electronics, believes larger screens are growing in popularity.

“We are seeing an increase in demand for larger screens, and we expect screens to come out later this year with 22, 24 and 26 inches. I believe 19 inches will be the new entry level to be bundled.”

Gunson says there is also demand for bigger screens in the widescreen space, despite most consumers opting to connect Media Centre PCs to their LCD televisions.