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Postcode change creates integration opportunity

Address management software provider QAS wants to sign software vendor and integrator partners after officially opening a New Zealand base this week.

The catalyst for increasing local business was New Zealand Post’s new postcode system, which QAS says created a prime opportunity to adjust organisations’ databases.

QAS has signed an alliance agreement with New Zealand Post to use the latter’s file of 1.8 million addresses to cleanse and match records in customers’ databases.

The software provider has worked with New Zealand Post for four years, and has now developed a New Zealand-specific address capture tool, QuickAddress Pro, and an online address validation product, QuickAddress Pro Web.

QAS Asia-Pacific managing director Glenn Parker, who visited Auckland to open the office, says the software overcomes problems caused by poor address data.

“Poor address information generally costs businesses a lot of money. The downstream effect is marketing isn’t as effective. There’s a whole range of benefits for getting an address right — businesses can get invoices out on time and make more money from that.”

Parker says QAS’s strategy is to partner with other software vendors or system integrators who can add value to customers’ businesses by additionally offering QAS software.

“There are now 100 different integrations of the software into other vendors’ products,” he says. “At the moment in New Zealand we have no specific partners established but a lot of the integrations established in Australia will map out over here.”

QAS has relationships with post carriers in many other countries, and Parker says New Zealand Post’s overseas equivalents are top performers in keeping their information up to date. He says research shows 14% of New Zealanders move house each year.