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SAP gives partners the edge

SAP says its new PartnerEdge programme will enhance previous schemes by improving online resources and adding new rewards.

Managing director Ian Black says between 15 and 20 partners here have been briefed on PartnerEdge and will move to it straight away.

“We’ve dramatically enhanced the amount of interaction we have with partners and expanded twofold the number and size of our partners, so this is about providing better services and support,” says Black.

He says PartnerEdge includes a comprehensive rewards programme based on the partner’s quality of service and their skills. “It’s not just volume of business, it’s actually a very smart programme.”

Black says the previous partner programmes here had no name and no strong brand.

Under PartnerEdge, SAP’s partner portal will offer access to education and support information, he says.

SAP has also introduced the programme internationally.

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