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LG's softly, softly notebook launch

Korea-based LG is taking a low-key approach to the launch of its notebooks into the New Zealand market.

The company has not previously offered a notebook range in this country and senior analyst at IDC, Liam Gunson, says it can be a tough market to break in to. “The market’s quite crowded at the moment, but it’s also looking strong. I think it’ll be all about how they get into the mass retail market.”

However Neil Allen, sales and marketing manager at distributor MEC, says it won’t be targeting mass retail with the LG brand but would rather get the notebooks out to smaller computer retailers. “If you go into the mass retail space, margin will drop dramatically. We’re looking to reward our partners by keeping the margin. This will also open up the doors for resellers.”

Allen says the company decided on a soft launch for a number of reasons. “We had some minor problems with the launch. The timing of Intel's new dual core CPU played a part in it. We didn’t want to go too big too soon and if we launch with a bang, we’d prefer it to be a quick and rather quiet bang.”

Allen says the company will distribute four main units in the range, each targeting different markets and priced between $2,000 and $3,000.

“We’ve represented LG for a number of years, and it’s exciting for us to be able to bring the notebook range to New Zealand,” says Allen. “There’s a definite trend towards mobility, which we believe will continue, and it’s good to have as many products as possible.”

Other brands have tried and failed but LG may succeed in their place, Gunson suggests. “The consumer notebook market is very hot at the moment. BenQ was in the same position some time ago, and it had to pull out of the market. LG has a strong brand name, which will help it break into the notebook space.”

The new range consists of four models based on Intel’s new core 2 duo technology (the express dual series) as well as one low-end model, based on older CPU technology (the express series).

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