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CRM award winner thinks big to stay ahead

CRM specialist Complete Solutions aims to secure bigger deals to stay dominant in the market, says CEO John Biggs. "It’s really being able to take up larger work and to position ourselves into large organisations. That’s where the true benefit will come about."

Biggs says business has picked up since version 3.0 of Microsoft CRM was released late last year and Complete Solutions has been "busier than ever" since merging with ERP company Data Group Solutions in April. It won Microsoft’s CRM Partner of the Year award in 2005 and 2006, the two years it has been offered here.

"The greatest challenge for us is maintaining our market position,” says Biggs. “We need to grow at the same rate as the market grows and as Microsoft CRM grows." However, he says his company’s experience in dealing with a range of firms in the eight years it has been selling CRM products is also important. It began offering Microsoft CRM in 2003.

"Some people have a finite customer base, while others bring new ones on. The basis of CRM is the same, it’s just the way you want it for a particular business. Our experience means we know what the customer should be doing because we bring the knowledge of the other 30 or so companies we’ve dealt with in that industry."

Biggs predicts increasing demand for CRM, particularly as the ability to integrate it into other Microsoft offerings increases. "The collaboration available for CRM and Outlook and Office products will become greater. There will be more demand for people who can do the integration and the extensions."

Complete Solutions DG will hire people with integration skills, and partner with others who specialise in this, says Biggs.

He also believes increased uptake of CRM is caused by companies realising that all staff need access to the CRM system to better serve customers.

Microsoft has about 15 CRM-certified software advisor firms in New Zealand.