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Beethoven rolls over with Simpl

Australian Beethoven Computer Services has signed Simpl to increase sales of its Resolve software on this side of the Tasman.

Resolve is a customer care application that allows organisations to manage their customer interactions. Beethoven’s selection of Simpl makes it the first local partner for the software.

Melanie Anderson, business development manager at Simpl, says Beethoven approached the company a few months ago. “They were attracted to us because of our way of doing business and the markets we operate in. Resolve is also very well suited to the call centre environment, which we work heavily with. We’re the sole partner, a model both companies prefer.”

Beethoven’s two flagship customers in New Zealand are Nissan and rail operator Veolio, formerly Connex Auckland. Simpl gains both accounts.

“We like Resolve, it fits in with our strategy,” says Anderson. “We plan to approach different industries with the product, especially in government and administration.”