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Apple does nothing much, crowds go wild as usual

  • Bill Bennett (Unknown Publication)
  • 12 September, 2006 22:00

No doubt editors in the rest of the world will be falling over themselves to pour gushing praise over Apple’s iTunes 7 launch.

You can expect to see exhaustive use of the all positive adjectives in Roget’s Thesaurus as the faithful tap out another paean to Steve Jobs.

As far as New Zealand resellers are concerned (and that means all of us here at Reseller News, as well) it’s a case of ‘nothing to see here, move along’.

For the record, there are some new iPods at new price points. Yawn. Brightly coloured cases for the iPod Nano. Yuk. A top of the line 8GB iPod Nano. Ho hum. A new version of the iTunes software doing pretty much the same things as earlier versions of iTunes. Zzzzz.

Boring, overpriced iPod games for sale through the iTunes store. Expensive downloadable movies for sale through the new store. Did we mention the store isn’t available in New Zealand? Did we mention you can’t burn them to DVD? Did we mention there's hardly anything for New Zealand resellers to earn money from?

Incidentally, if you opened the new iPod Nano link on Apple’s New Zealand website this Wednesday morning you would have been told quote: “Just use iTunes to import your CDs, shop for 99¢ songs on the iTunes Store.”

Isn’t this illegal? Is Apple inciting New Zealanders to break the law?

Please send all the usual Apple-related hate mail, lunatic rants and death threats regarding this measured insight into reality to where it will be treated with the respect it deserves.