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Vista to create 100,000 European jobs

According to an IDC survey in Europe, the forthcoming launch of Windows Vista will lead to the creation of 100,000 new jobs.

The survey focused on the six European countries responsible of 65 percent of EU’s technology expenditure; Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Great Britain.

IDC says more than 30 million computers will have Vista installed on computers in these countries, and estimates that more than 100 million computers will change to the new operating system within the first year.

20 percent of all IT jobs in the first year will be related to Vista, as well as creating 100,000 new positions.

In Europe, IDC estimates that for every Euro Microsoft earn selling Vista, other companies will make €13, approximately $25.

The study, ordered by Microsoft, is seen in the industry as a blow to the EU. In 2004, EU fined Microsoft more than NZ$960 million for breach of regulatory compliance.