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Navman iCN 720 in-car navigation system

Navman iCN 720 in-car navigation system

The new Navman iCN 720 is being hailed as the first, portable in-car navigation system that can navigate a person to a destination using just a photograph.

The unit features Navman’s new NavPix technology, which uses GPS technology to automatically georeference the location of any photograph taken with the iCN 720’s built-in camera.

A user can then be guided back to the same spot by selecting the photograph.

This enables people to go directly to landmarks, without having to know their physical address, or to return to interesting locations they photographed with the unit, says Navman.

Images taken on the iCN 720, can be uploaded, stored and shared on a personalised, online album on the Navman website, from where NavPix images of famous landmarks and interesting sights can also be downloaded.

The iCN 720 features a 4-inch, high-resolution widescreen display and a new software interface, which is said to be more user friendly with improved voice guidance.

Meanwhile, Navman states the second-generation SiRFStarIII GPS technology used in the unit delivers significantly improved signal reception in areas surrounded by high buildings or dense foliage.

RRP: $1199

Distributor: Brightpoint