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Keeping mobile viruses out of NZ

As smart phones and PDAs become increasingly popular, so too do malicious attacks aimed at the devices. According to Aston Jones, customer relationship manager at Scientific Software Systems (SSS), more than 300 known viruses are today targeting smart phones.

“Although there are few attacks in New Zealand, it’s easy to get infected while travelling in Europe. It’s currently not a huge problem here in New Zealand, but it’s developing.”

SSS represents the Finnish mobile security product F-Secure in New Zealand, and has the government as well as large corporations using its core product. SSS is planning to join forces with major New Zealand telecommunications companies. Orange in the UK is currently an F-Secure customer and Jones foresees similar successes here.

“We’re the market leader for security in mobile solutions, and we’ll be looking at the likes of Vodafone and Telecom to partner with. We’re currently working with some smaller player in New Zealand.”

The solution SSS is looking at is a wireless antivirus service, which will allow for automated distribution and updates directly to the mobile device.