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Content more important than storage, says Gartner

Gartner’s message at the storage networking world conference in Sydney in September was simple: it’s no longer about storage, it’s about content.

Phil Sargeant, Gartner’s research vice president, says how content is used, stored, managed and protected should be the focus when it comes to the storage of the future.

“It’ll be very important that we store content correctly in the future. Although storage space is increasing, information is growing at a tremendous rate. We must look at what we store and how to manage it, in addition to looking at how you store it.”

Worldwide, storage grew 95 percent to 1.3 million terabytes from 2004 to 2005. Gartner predicts capacity to continue to grow between 60 and 70 percent per year. In addition, the cost of storage will continue to fall between 35 and 40 percent per annum.

Sargeant says storage software tools need to be evaluated more highly than disk storage hardware platforms. “If you have a problem with storage, don’t just throw hardware at it. It needs to be managed.”

Ray Dunn, vice chairman on the storage networking industry association (SNIA) board of directors in the US, says businesses will have to become information-centric, as storage becomes driven by the information. “There is a lot of very complex data to consider and it will require a very complex solution.”

Sargeant says regulations also needs to be considered, and cites one company being affected by 327 different regulations. “There will be a cost to comply or remediate, and there will be penalties for non-compliance.”