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MS Financing targets small business

Microsoft has made its financing programme more accessible to small businesses in time for its formal launch here. The programme applies to hardware, software and services and has to include some Microsoft technology. It has been available here since July and taken up in a small number of cases at a minimum deal size of $15,000, but worldwide programme manager Chip Lang says a small business offering with a $3,000 threshold has been moved forward because of demand. “We had expected to deliver a targeted small business programme in about six months, but we wanted to put that in place now because of the feedback,” he says. Daryl Rogers, general manager of Avenir, a system design business, says his company has several clients lined up to start using Microsoft Financing instead of lease arrangements with other firms. “This gives the client another option for purchasing software that the lease companies don’t want to touch because it’s not really a physical asset,” says Rogers. Small and mid-size business and partner director John Bessey says the New Zealand launch is set for 9 October. The interest rate is between 8 and 15% depending on the size and terms of the transaction, and payments are made within 24, 36 or 60 months. “The biggest concern in the small business market is cashflow and this really gets to the core of how you increase productivity,” says Bessey. “A significant portion of our partners are small businesses themselves. They can put their services on financing as well, so there’s a fundamental change to how they can manage their cashflow.” The programme has grown 100% each year since it began three and a half years ago, Lang says. “I would expect New Zealand to track well against that.”