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Logitech sponsors local online gaming team

Logitech has become one of the first companies in New Zealand to get involved in the local gaming community through sponsorship of an online gaming team.

Country manager Bryan Simpson says the company has not had a huge focus on gaming before, as it is a market that can be hard to reach.

“We don’t have the manpower to involve ourselves in the community on the level that these guys can.”

Although there is no contract as yet, Reseller Newunderstands that the online gaming team in question is an all-New Zealand clan called Sila.

Sila has previously competed in the Battlefield 2142 world cup in Taiwan and is currently competing in an Australian-run Battlefield 2 league, along with other New Zealand teams.

“These are still very small steps,” says Simpson. “But what better way to do it than to involve those that really understand that market. It is quite a challenge for us; it is hard to always keep your finger on the pulse in this market.”

Simpson says the contract will not include things like airfares, but it will cover Logitech’s hardware given to the team. The team is currently displaying the Logitech logo on its website, and is expected to compete at local gaming competition Xlan later this year.

Previously, internet service providers have sponsored teams but Logitech is one of the first hardware companies to sponsor a specific team in New Zealand. In Asia, professional gaming teams can make a living from capital sponsorships.