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VMware updates beta virtualisation software for Mac

  • Jonny Evans (Unknown Publication)
  • 06 March, 2007 22:00

VMware has released a new version of its VMware Fusion Beta, its desktop virtualisation product for Macs.

Like Parallels, VMware users can run Windows or Linux virtual machines on their Intel Mac.

Among other features, the software lets users run common Windows applications at the same time as running Mac OS X ones. Users can copy and paste text between Windows and Mac applications, or drag and drop files to easily share data between your Mac and Windows.

The latest beta software is faster and more stable than before, with several features updated for the release, including:

• Experimental 3D graphics support: you can now play select DirectX 8.1 games within a Windows XP virtual machine;

• Quick roll back: users can take snapshots of their virtual machine configuration and quickly roll back to that ideal state with the click of a button;

• Support for Microsoft Vista;

• Improved networking with full support for AirPort;

• Improved ability to add virtual hardware: users can now add virtual hard drives for more storage, up to 10 virtual network interfaces to support private and public networks, and keep an eye on the laptop's battery level from inside virtual machines.

Additional improvements are described in the beta software's extensive release notes.