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Symantec trumpets Mobile Security Suite 5.0

Symantec expects to ship the fifth version of its Mobile Security Suite this May, adding firewall, VPN, antispam and client-access protection to the antivirus software for devices based on Microsoft 's Windows Mobile 5.0 platform.

Symantec Mobile Security Suite 5.0 will have a LiveUpdate feature, which administrators can use to schedule regular virus scans and updates, and the firewall function will be able to control both inbound and outbound traffic on mobile devices.

According to Paul Miller, managing director of mobile security at Symantec, the software will have what Symantec calls an "auto-log function," which can be used to locate a missing device running Symantec Windows Mobile 5.0.

"If I lose my device, I call the IT department, and they connect to the device remotely," Miller says. The IT department can determine whether confidential files have been accessed. If addition, a data-wipe tool can be enabled to erase all data after a preset number of consecutive failed logon attempts.

Another security feature is the software's ability to encrypt data on the device and memory card if it's lost or stolen.

Symantec Mobile Security Suite 5.0 includes a mechanism to enable or disable device features such asBluetooth , Wi-Fi and device synching to limit potential attack vectors while providing access to services required by the business.

The software's network-access control feature works with the Symantec Mobile VPN for policy-based access to the corporate network. A tamper-protection feature will verify that the device's image and security applications have not been tampered with prior to network access.

Pricing for Symantec Mobile Security Suite 5.0 will be announced closer to the May shipping date.