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Network nirvana unattainable for most IT execs

A majority of IT executives expect they will experience in 2007 at least a few hours of network downtime, which could affect their revenue.

Results from a recent survey of more than 200 senior corporate executives and IT managers reveal that, while 99.999 percent availability remains the nirvana of network performance, most executives and IT managers don't expect to reach it this year. The survey shows that 97 percent of respondents at large companies expect downtime, and about half of those expect the outages to be significant enough to impact revenue. About 95 percent of all companies say revenue would "slow significantly or stop" if certain key IT systems were not accessible.

The survey data, which is part of a larger study by business service-management vendor Managed Objects, also reveals that higher-ranking executives are more confident about the state of their network and IT systems than the IT managers who touch the infrastructure on a daily basis. For instance, 47 percent of IT managers at large companies -- those with more than US$1 billion in revenue -- admit failures could occur in 2007, while just 30 percent of C-level executives believe the same.

There's also a disparity between how executives at small and large companies view the likelihood of significant downtime occurring. About 20 percent of C-level executives at smaller companies -- those with less than $1 billion in revenue -- acknowledge that significant downtime is "inevitable," compared to 4 percent of C-level executives at larger companies saying the same. Meanwhile, about 10 percent of IT managers at both small and large companies see significant downtime as inevitable.