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Synnex secures first printer brand

Epson has ended its relationship with previous distributor Morning Star and struck a deal with Synnex, giving the company its first printer brand.

Synnex country manager Richard Harri says he is delighted with the decision to take on Epson, saying adding a printer range to its stable fits in with the distributor’s goal to be a one-stop shop for resellers.

“It is a convenience factor for resellers.

“It reduces the number of suppliers resellers need to work with and allows them to put an entire deal together from products Synnex represents,” says Harri.

“We wanted a broader portfolio, and Epson fits in very nicely with us. We are absolutely looking to increase their market share and we want to make sure they can reach their markets.”

Synnex and Epson have a strong relationship in Australia, which Harri wants to emulate here.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Epson here. We can reach the markets Epson is looking at through our resellers.”

In a statement, Epson general manager Greg Skinner says he has been impressed with Synnex’s work in New Zealand as well as on a global level.

“The appointment of Synnex was made at an Australasian level. Although only trading for just under two years in New Zealand, I am impressed with the level of penetration Synnex has achieved into the reseller channel that we are looking to target.

“The Epson range allows for Synnex resellers to make good margins from a highly-reliable product backed by world-class support. One of the core competencies of the Synnex group of companies globally is their supply chain logistics.”

Victor Ho, group product manager at Morning Star says its split with Epson was mutual.

“We have signed with Ricoh to be its distributor here and we reached a mutual agreement with Epson that saw us go separate ways.”

Ho says Morning Star is working hard with Ricoh to lift its presence in New Zealand and claims it was tough to raise Epson’s profile here.

“It was quite hard for us here to get Epson off the ground.”

Skinner says the new distributor will hold a range of products locally.

“Synnex will hold a wide range of our product to ensure that local opportunities are maximised.”