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Investor backs US growth push for Vula Software

Local software development firm, Vula Software, has received a major capital injection that will pay for its ambitious expansion plans in the US.

While not disclosing an actual amount, Vula CEO David Inggs says the company has received a significant, six-figure capital investment from Auckland entrepreneur Mark Bryers.

“This investment allows us to target the US market directly and is the first step to launching our new products there,” says Inggs.

The US is the biggest potential market for Vula’s software development tools and the company will focus heavily on promoting the latest version of its Devserver product there. It is due for release in August, says Inggs.

“We have very serious technology and are leaders in this game. The new version of our software features dramatic improvements and will provide a new way of producing web-based software applications that reduce the risk and cost of development significantly,” says Inggs.

The main target market for Vula’s tools are Microsoft solution providers working on the .Net platform.

Vula will position itself against competitors such as and in the US, though Inggs says the company’s focus on .Net will be an advantage.

“The others are based on their own proprietary environments," he claims. "Microsoft developers will be immediately familiar with our environment and can continue to leverage tools from Visual Studio, making them more powerful in a platform they already know.”

Vula will follow a web-based strategy in the US, and Inggs does not rule out future re-branding to ensure rapid expansion in that market.