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Razer Pro Type Keyboard

High-end gaming gear maker Razer is appealing to the iPod generation with its latest keyboard, the Pro Type.

Under the slogan ‘For gamers by gamers’, the company has added an iPod dock on the keyboard, for synchronising and playing the Apple player. A keyboard-mounted iPod dock makes sense, removing cable clutter on your desk. The iPod synchronises and charges through USB 2.0, and the keyboard requires two USB cables to connect to the PC or Mac. This gives users two additional powered USB ports on the keyboard. There is a 3.5mm audio out jack featured, allowing you to listen to the iPod when the computer is off (provided you connect it to separate speakers).

As with other Razer keyboards, most keys are programmable and 10 macro keys are featured, giving dedicated controls for the iPod. The macro keys have blue back lighting and there is a backlit Razer logo at the front of the keyboard.

RRP: $299

Distributor: Gamewizz Digital Entertainment