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iPhone will arrive on June 29

Apple's iPhone will debut June 29, the company announced in new television commercials that aired last weekend on the CBS news show 60 Minutes.

The Friday release date gets the iPhone under Apple's self-imposed wire by just a day. Apple has repeatedly said it would unveil its first-ever cell phone this month.

Bloggers, analysts and other pundits have been picking iPhone dates for weeks, with June 11, June 15 and June 20 among the possible first-purchase days. The tag line at the end of each commercial sets the record straight: "Coming June 29." Presumably, the iPhone will be available in Apple and AT&T retail and online stores that day, and not simply ready for preorder.

Three commercials touting the iPhone have been posted to Apple's web site. Dubbed "Never Been an iPod," "How To" and "Calamari," the 30-second ads promote the phone's music and video play, its basic operation, and the connection between seeing a giant squid in a movie playing on an iPhone and a hunger for calamari.