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Reducing server energy consumption

In a bid to reduce server energy consumption, a Sydney organisation has developed an online tool to help organisations go green and reduce the impact of global warming.

The new tool addresses the problem of web servers being constantly switched on consuming considerable amounts of energy because they are easily forgotten, especially as they are often hosted in third-party data centres.

As a result, the IT industry has a serious carbon-emission problem.

The new online tool,, enables organisations to offset the environmental impact caused by their own web sites.

By securing carbon credits generated through carbon sequestration (trees planted by Forests New South Wales) has developed a method for approximating the carbon produced by a range of different sized web sites, as well as providing a calculator to help assess individual contributions.

Once signed up, web site owners can place the badge on their site to show that they have offset their carbon emissions. was created by Sydney-based Web professional, Bradley Hook, to raise business awareness of the environmental impact caused by the Internet industry.

"I love the Internet and its dynamic, organic nature. I also know that the majority of the people involved in web technology are open-minded individuals who have a strong sense of responsibility and generally want to do things right," Hook said.