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Filemaker ships Filemaker Pro 9

  • Jonny Evans (Unknown Publication)
  • 10 July, 2007 22:00

Filemaker has announced the immediate availability of Filemaker Pro 9, an all-new version of its database software for Windows and Mac OS.

Available versions include Filemaker Pro 9, Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced, Filemaker Server 9 and Filemaker Server 9 Advanced.

Improvements focus on the needs of both end users and Filemaker developers, with a focus on database sharing, reporting and automation.

For new users, the new Quick Start screen is designed to help them work with the application. A new Conditional Formatting function will highlight data based on user-assigned parameters, this also lets users email a link to others, which they can use for instant access to a database.

This version also offers easy-to-use tools for the integration of SQL server, MySQL and Oracle databases as if data from these were in Filemaker data format.

Filemaker Server 9 now boasts a modernised Admin Console, facilitating easy set-up and administration of the software.

"Filemaker is the acknowledged leader in easy-to-use database software which empowers workgroups," said Filemaker president, Dominique Goupil.

"With Filemaker 9 we go further. We make it easier than ever for developers and users to manage information in amazingly productive and creative ways. For example, our goal is to make Filemaker Server 9 so easy that Filemaker Pro customers can install it in 20 minutes or less, and quickly share database solutions," he added.

Filemaker Server 9 and Filemaker Server 9 Advanced deliver one-click integration with the web using PHP, a simple 20-minute or less install time for basic installations, and a significantly redesigned server interface. These improvements mean users can generate a fully working PHP website using Filemaker data without writing code in "just minutes," the company claims.

Other features include PHP Custom Web Publishing for creating dynamic data-driven websites, shared access to live data from external SQL sources, and a web-delivered server console.

All versions of Filemaker Pro 9 are available now