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Ingram, Divers join forces on services

Ingram Micro and Divers Group have launched a services partnership designed to save resellers time and money.

The firms say the service frees resellers from mundane, less profitable tasks and gives them more time to spend with customers.

Ingram Micro sales director Gary Bigwood says it is good news for small and large resellers alike.

“For the smaller guys there’s good weeks and not so good weeks. If you get in a few good deals they go from being quiet to over-run, so this lets them be more flexible and enables them to focus on their business.

“For the larger guys it helps them on scalability. Some have a number of engineers… but it’s still really difficult to find good staff.”

Bigwood says the move will add another dimension to Ingram’s broad-based distribution.

“We restructured earlier this year and split into business units. As well as our volume business unit, we have a solutions group and we’re looking to build on that in the value space.”

He says he is not aware of any other company providing such a service. “No-one else has partnered with a professional configuration company and brought them inhouse.”

Express Data sales and marketing manager Paul Plester says his company has been providing configuration for five to six years, with large customers more inclined to use the service. “It makes sense for them not to use their valuable engineering resources for this.”

Plester believes configuration services of medium level complexity could be a growing market. “For a larger server or a high-end SAN or voice over IP a reseller will want to do that, but for the medium type stuff they want somebody who can take a standard config and load it up. That saves them a lot of time and makes good economic sense.”

Datastor owner Vic Dickerson says it has about 15 staff available for customisation services. However, he says distributors shouldn’t compete with resellers in this area. “When people don’t know what they’re doing they need help, but most of these services are done by resellers.”