Reseller News

Cellnet promotions plug 'Big Blue'

Distributor Cellnet has a number of incentives to inform resellers about IBM products and simplify selling them.

The Quote, Sell, Win promotion offers resellers prizes if they request quotes on IBM’s DS3000 and DS4000 storage lines, which are pitched at small businesses.

“Our objective with this promotion is to convert storage business to IBM in the SME market and increase reseller awareness of the opportunities for attaching storage product to run-rate server business,” says Cellnet marketing manager Dave Clark.

Quote, Sell, Win prizes include Cellnet/IBM polo shirts, iPods and entry to a Playstation 3 bundle draw.

Cellnet resellers registered as IBM business partners can also win a trip to the Know Your IBM (KYI) event at Uluru (Ayers Rock) in November, by answering four questions in the Cell X electronic newsletter.

One seat for the trip was won in June, with another available in July and then in August.

Clark says Cellnet’s new e-commerce site, Webcell, will be online this month and resellers will soon be rewarded for buying online.