Reseller News

Oki customers can try before they buy

To help shore up sales through resellers in the ultra-competitive printer market, Oki distributor Comworth Systems now allows customers a trial of the vendor’s products before purchase.

Comworth national sales manager Lloyd Jenkins says vendors have a battle on their hands in the low to middle sectors of the market.

“There is a real battle on price point in the market currently. That’s one of the reasons we are doing this promotion as you have to stand out to be noticed.”

Part of the campaign involves Comworth promoting the initiative on the backs of buses, instead of its usual television advertising.

“We have buses with advertising running in eight different city centres. It’s a good way to get the message out there. Some resellers have already tagged onto the campaign with their own twist, that’s really what we like to see,” says Jenkins.

The promotion is run through resellers, though Jenkins points out the final sell and customer contact remains in the channel.