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Ingram secures thin client technology for the masses

Ingram Micro has taken on a new set of products that promises to slash computing costs up to 10 times, by making better use of untapped processing power in existing PCs.

The distributor has been appointed as the exclusive local agent for NComputing, a US-based manufacturer of thin client units with a difference.

The company produces compact, low-cost access terminals that connect to an ordinary PC acting as a host machine, either directly through a PCI card installed in the host or over an ethernet connection. Each terminal connects to a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

According to NComputing’s Sydney-based general manager Michael Pamphilon, typically only one to five percent of a PC’s processing power is used at any time.

With the NComputing devices this underutilised capacity can be shared with up to 30 other users, he says.

“Most users do not need dedicated desktops. Our solutions can be implemented with minimum impact on user experience.”

General manager of Ingram Micro’s solutions group, Scott Cowen, says NComputing’s range complements its computer systems business as well as its monitors and keyboards.

He says Ingram wants to target the education market with the products. “Some schools don’t have the budget for a classroom of PCs and this technology allows everyone to be in front of a screen.”

Pamphilon displayed NComputing products to potential resellers at Ingram Micro’s Showcase exhibition in Auckland recently, saying the technology makes deploying PCs more affordable.

Savings can then be redeployed into projects of higher value, says Pamphilon. “Many organisations are overextended on desktop deployments. Our technology provides a way to get around budget restraints.”

The range also boosts profits for resellers and allows them to enter into thin client technology at a lower cost, says Pamphilon.

“Resellers can earn margins of between 20 and 30 percent on the products and they can make higher gross profits on these products than on desktops.”

NComputing was established in 2003 and opened a branch in Australia earlier this year. The company chose Ingram Micro as local distributor because of its good reputation and relationships with resellers here, says Pamphilon.

The NComputing range comprises two models. The L-series can connect up to 30 users to a host PC over standard ethernet networks through a router and pricing starts at $395 a user. The X-series connects up to seven users through a PCI card installed on the host machine with pricing starting at $150 a user. Louis van Wyk