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Legal eagle loves marketing IT

Jane Ling came to New Zealand more than 20 years ago as a toddler. Living in Auckland she attended Epsom Girls Grammar, then worked through a law degree at university.

“I completed a Bachelor of Law at Auckland University, but I soon discovered that law was not for me. When you are 18 you do not really know what you want to do with your life. A law degree was a challenge to me then and that is why I did it. Throughout my degree I discovered that my personality and passion was much more suited to marketing.”

Ironically she was first introduced to Asus, the company she works for as a marketing assistant, during her tertiary education.

“I got my first glimpse of Asus at university, as most of the students had laptops and the Asus-branded ones really stood out to me. I saw a marketing job here after I graduated and I went for it. Lucky for me I got it and I have not looked back since.”

Ling says she has always had her eye on IT.

“I’ve always been keen on technology and IT. IT is really the backbone of business. I can see myself staying with IT for the next 10 years or so, this industry has so much substance and it is a great industry to be in.”

As a marketing assistant, the 23-year-old works closely with the Asus team in Australia travelling there once a month.

“There is a lot of travel in this job, which is a bonus. There is a lot of work, but it is a great job. What I do is visit resellers and dealers. I have recently gone into staff training at Harvey Norman as well. My job is also to build relationships with the media and organising events.”

Being relatively new to the industry does not mean Ling is lacking in motivation and goals.

“My main goal over the next year is to transform the dealer shops across New Zealand, as well as to continue helping distributors with marketing. We are really focused on their growth; if they grow, we grow as well. Ingram’s showcase was a really big step for Asus. We are trying to grow our SME channel and the showcase was extremely helpful in doing that for us.”

Although Ling comes from a non-technical background, she can hold her own and says not being technical can be an advantage in her job.

“I am not very technical, but I think that is an advantage for me, my strength is really in sales. Asus is an exciting company and being here while it grows will be an amazing experience. I have met a lot of intelligent people here and I look forward to going to work every day. It is such a young and vibrant company.”