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Dick Smith Electronics debuts Bullguard security suite

Renaissance plans to court retailers, the telco channel and gaming specialists after taking on the Bullguard consumer security suite.

Brands general manager Mark Dasent says Dick Smith Electronics is the first to stock two of Bullguard’s four products – Internet Security and Backup – and Renaissance wants to sign other retailers for these products initially.

It also plans to target the telco channel with Bullguard Mobile Anti-virus, and gaming specialists for Steelsecurity – which limits CPU usage, blocks firewall pop-ups and minimises virus definition updates to support the running performance of online games.

“Internationally Bullguard has had a lot of success with mobile anti-virus. Also, a lot of people are getting into online gaming now and anti-virus has been slowing them up.”

As well as the product margin, registered resellers receive a share of the revenue (between 20 and 35 percent) throughout the life of licences they sell. Dasent says this sets the brand apart from others.

“The real difference around the product is the way they [Bullguard] conduct their business with a revenue-sharing model. A couple of other vendors do this but it’s still a big differentiator.”

He also says Bullguard is competitively priced, with users paying $89.95 for one year of Internet Security and $59.95 for Backup.

Bullguard’s trans-Tasman sales manager Brownywn Gascoigne says another distributor, MEC, has been successfully serving Bullguard among system builders and smaller resellers for a couple of years, but it now wants to extend its channel.

“We see Renaissance as a great partner, especially among the bigger resellers and they’ve got great relationships with the retailers,” she says.

Renaissance and Bullguard also see opportunities to bundle the products, which can be bought pre-installed, on a CD or as a download, as well as the retail box.

The distributor’s system-builder subsidiary Insite has already been offering the OEM version of Bullguard pre-installed; as well Dasent says Bullguard could be bundled with NEC and Asus notebooks.

Bullguard is headquartered in Denmark and has had a presence in Australia for eight months.