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Analyst: Apple to exceed expectations in Q4

  • Jonny Evans (Unknown Publication)
  • 18 September, 2007 22:00

Apple seems set to substantially surpass its own revenue estimates for the current financial quarter an analyst said on Monday, pointing to strong Mac, iPod and iPhone sales.

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu notes that Apple's current quarter is due to end within two weeks. In a research note to clients, Wu observed that he believes, "Apple is on track to beat its guidance substantially."

The analyst raised his forecast to US$5.96 billion in revenue and $0.83 in EPS (from $5.8 billion and $0.73) on Apple's business in the quarter. Apple's official guidance offers target revenue of $5.7 billion.

"Much to our surprise, Apple is seeing strength from nearly all new iPods. We had anticipated strength from the new "fat boy" nanos, but higher-priced iPod classics and iPod touches are also doing well. As a result, we are raising our iPod units to 11 million from 10.4 million," the analyst added.

Back-to-school sales in the US and the continued debut of former Windows users to the Mac platform continues to drive Apple's computer sales, the analyst said, noting an "unexpected mix shift towards the high-end Macs". Wu predicts two million Macs will be sold in the current quarter.

Wu also expects 900,000 sales of the iPhone in the current quarter (up from his previous estimate of 770,000 sales and Apple's guidance of 730,000 such sales).