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Kaseya targets managed service providers

Kaseya has introduced what it calls an empower programme for local partners.

This is a set of tools and support resources for managed service providers (MSPs) designed to ensure implementation of Kaseya’s IT automation framework.

“We have a strong partner base in New Zealand with the likes of Code Blue and Infinity Solutions and we’re really happy with the way things are progressing,” says Australia country manager Tim Dickinson.

The Kaseya empower programme consists of three distinct elements – each delivering a set of services and support. These include empower out-tasking, empower toolkit and empower education.

“The race is on among MSPs to deliver the best IT service to customers, while the ability to proactively manage and automate IT service on a continual basis is a critical differentiator for our customers.” says Dickinson.

Kaseya recently ran a seminar series on both sides of the Tasman as part of its bid to encourage service providers to change the way they work.