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Konica Minolta moves to dual printer distribution

Konica Minolta Printing Solutions has added MEC as a distributor alongside Ingram Micro in New Zealand.

The vendor’s sales and marketing manager Geoffrey Davey says MEC will complement Ingram because of its niche customer focus and experience in distributing laser printers.

“They have fewer products in their range and an outbound sales force, so they’re more focused on a customer base rather than a broad base. We were looking for a niche operator that had B2B relationships. They fit a different part of the market and give us better coverage.”

MEC will also help Konica Minolta promote its tandem laser printers among small and medium enterprises here, Davey says.

Tandem lasers print in colour and black and white at the same speed by using separate imaging units, so the paper only has to pass through the printer once.

“The advantage is increased speed, profits and longer product lifecycles for our customers,” Davey says. “Interestingly, 96 percent of New Zealand businesses are SMEs which translates to a customer need for cost-effectiveness, mobility and functionality.”

MEC sales and marketing manager Ian McKenzie says Konica Minolta was seeking to add a less broadly focused distributor.

McKenzie says his company, which has been operating for 24 years, has offered Panasonic printers for a long time, but its Panasonic laser printers are end of line and it only has dot matrix models left. “In terms of laser printers, Konica Minolta will be our main printer brand going forward.”

Konica Minolta will also continue to sell its Bizhub branded products directly through Konica Minolta Business Solutions New Zealand.