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New name for Computer Brokers being considered

The brand with which Computer Brokers has grown into a thriving family-owned business over the past 20 years, may not be the name that takes it into the next two decades.

Computer Brokers was founded 20 years ago this month by Chris Simpson, who is still managing director.

However, although procurement has traditionally made up 90 percent of the company’s business, there are plans to grow its services business significantly, says general manager and Chris Simpson’s son, Noel Simpson.

“We have more than doubled our services in the past 12 months. We have a three-year target to make it 40 percent of the business, while still growing procurement.”

As the services business grows, the Computer Brokers name may no longer be an accurate reflection of the company’s core business, says Simpson.

“I would say we are about a year away from having to decide if the name portrays a true image of what we do.”

But whatever direction the company takes in the future, it will retain its focus on customer service and keeping bureaucracy to a minimum, which have been vital elements in it’s longevity, says Chris Simpson. “We have always had a clear vision of where we were going, but also stayed focused on those things that customers want and expect, like good service and value for money.”

Noel agrees: “What customers want is quite simple – good service at a fair price. They want to be able to deal with someone on a long-term basis [who] is available, knowledgeable and does what they say they will.”

Future growth for the company, which now comprises 57 staff, will be organic and not by acquisition, even though it recently acquired Omni Solutions.

“That was an exception – we took Omni because we saw value in its voice over IP expertise,” says Chris Simpson.

The company may also invest in new affiliate businesses that complement its core focus, as it did two years ago when the company helped set up Enterprise IT, in which it is a majority shareholder, says Noel Simpson.

“Computer Brokers has a lot of infrastructure that enables a [new] business to start up very quickly. It can copy and leverage existing business infrastructure that is robust and proven to gain traction quickly.”