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Aussie IT managers only tenth highest paid in world; survey

Australian IT managers are among the top 10 highest paid in industry world-wide, according to a survey.

The report, dubbed Mercer: 2007 IT Pay around the World during 2006, collated responses from 6545 IT companies in 35 countries and found Australian IT managers had just made the list by earning the tenth fattest IT salaries.

Salaries were drawn from comparing the total annual cash compensation, including base pay and annual bonuses, to total remuneration. Mercer's 2006 country Total Remuneration Surveys and global databases were included, and exchange conversions were made on November 2006.

Australian IT managers are paid US$110,600 a year (based on then exchange rates), $65,400 less than top dog Switzerland which pays IT professionals $176,000 a year, and $37,200 less than the United Kingdom which forks out an average IT manager salary of $147,200.

Denmark, Belgium and Ireland secured the top five spots with IT manager pay packets of $153,200, $150,900 and $134,800 respectively.

Australian IT manager salaries sit underneath the United States ($133,700), Germany ($132,500), Canada ($116,500) and Hong Kong ($112,200).

Mercer head of human capital Ken Gilbert says the results, which place India second last, are indicative of outsourcing trends.

"Senior strategic roles remain in head offices, while lower-end roles can be outsourced to offshore locations," Gilbert says.

"While the pay in these offshore locations may seem low, they are often quite competitive in the local market and also reflect the cost of living differentials.

"Australia is facing a growing skills shortage of IT professionals and it has seen IT salaries steadily increasing in recent years, now comparable with other Western countries." Gilbert says companies in countries with poor IT salaries need to be more creative to attract staff.