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D-Link switches to green Ethernet

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  • 31 October, 2007 22:00

D-Link has launched what it says is the industry’s first series of environmental-friendly SOHO gigabit switches using its new Green Ethernet technology.

This technology cuts energy costs through reduced power consumption without sacrificing performance or functionality, says D-Link. The company believes it is the first networking vendor to incorporate such technology into its switches.

The Green Ethernet technology conserves energy by recognising when a port is active or inactive and adjusting its power accordingly, says D-Link.

It also alters power usage relative to the length of a switch’s cable. Since the cable length used by home and SOHO users is mostly less than 20m, power consumption can be significantly reduced, D-Link claims.

By reducing power consumption less heat is produced, resulting in extended product life and lower operating costs, the company adds.

The SOHO switches meanwhile are economical and easy to use and do not require extensive management or setup, while meeting the needs of home/SOHO, midsize networks and branch office LANs, says D-Link.

The first two D-Link Green Ethernet products to be released locally are the DGS-1005D five-port and the DGS-1008D eight-port gigabit switches, which have RRPs of $99 and $149 respectively.