Reseller News

Movember Week 1

After a week of growing the Reseller News guys are mo'ing along nicely...

Sub editor Rodney Fletcher is going for the classic upper mo.

Meanwhile edtior Louis van Wyk is slowy growing - unfortunately as he has a blond mo it's a bit hard to see.

Reporter Hamish Barwick's fast growing effort has astounded a few people in the office with comments such as `you must have started early' and `Did you put Regaine on it'.

Our Australian import portfolio sales manager Andrew Gialourakis is well into the classic David Boon (retired Australian cricketer) handlebar. Nice one Andrew, let's hope the clients like it.

A number of others in the Fairfax Busines Media team are sporting various growths so visitors would be forgiven for thinking they had stumbled on to a porn star convention.

We encourage others in the channel to take up the challenge and to keep us updated on you own mo-growing efforts by sending pictures to

We will publish the best (and possibly worst) photos at the end of the month.

Keep track of our progress online at and visit for more details on this worthy cause.